Always On Display feature: what is it and how does it work?

According to various statistics, the modern owner of a smartphone checks dozens, if not hundreds of times a day! And often just to find out the current time. This does not affect the battery life very well, and pressing buttons every time is not always convenient. In order to simplify this lesson, the Always-On-Display function (abbreviated AOD) was invented. Who invented it? It’s hard to say, because in one day the function was presented on the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge smartphones.

What it is?

The Always On Display function allows you to display the necessary information on the screen, while the display itself is in the off state, thereby significantly saving battery power.

What exactly is displayed? For example, on the same Samsung, this is the time, date, battery level, notifications about messages or calls, and even the name of the song (you can switch tracks).

All this is customizable..

Example on the LG G5.

Just pick up your favorite smartphone and see the necessary information on the display. Very comfortably.

Turn on AOD on Samsung

Open “Settings”.

In the search bar, write “always on display” (without quotes) and select the item of the same name.

Turn on the function using the switch.

Here you can take advantage of subtle settings, for example, add useful widgets:

How Always On Display works?

It is important that when the function is activated, there is maximum energy savings. This is achieved due to several different factors:

  • The first one. Since this is an AMOLED display, a certain number of pixels are involved, not the entire screen. Moreover, the picture in this mode has only a few colors.
  • The second one. The system monitors the position of the smartphone, and also receives information from the light sensor: if the device is in your pocket or briefcase, information on the display, as a rule, is not displayed, which, you see, is logical.
  • The third. The processor operates at the lowest possible frequency, since the costs for displaying information on the display are minimal.

Thanks to all the factors, the Always On Display function practically does not drain the battery.

Which smartphones support Always On Display??

Not so long ago, the number of smartphones was small, today the situation has changed radically. And the point is not that many companies began to support AOD – everything is easier: today you can download the application for your smartphone if it uses an AMOLED display. Trite download, then customize to your liking. One such application is called Always On AMOLED..

The application has a lot of settings.

And, most importantly, it really works – the information is displayed.

So if you want, go to the Play Market and download the application.