An asterisk on the screen of an Android phone: how to remove it?

Today we will analyze the message that one of the users of our site left. Alexei writes: “I was sitting with my younger brother, who, of course, asked for a phone. He played games for about an hour, after he returned the phone and I saw an asterisk in the status bar. What does she mean? ”

First case

Judging by recent reports, the appearance of an asterisk is associated with Yandex applications – thus notifications are displayed. And speech? Apparently, it can go about different applications: Yandex, Yandex.Browser, (owned by Yandex, etc.). The asterisk is in the corner, it is in a circle and looks like this:

What to do? You need to turn off notifications. To do this, open the application from Yandex – in our example, this is Yandex.Browser.

Then click on three dots.

Select “Settings”.

Open the notification section.

Select Yandex Notifications.

Turn off all notifications. Or leave those that you consider necessary, but in this case you will see an asterisk periodically.

If you turn off all notifications, the asterisk will disappear.

If you wish, you can also disable notifications from chats and sites – on the previous page.

There is another way – to turn off all notifications for a single application at once, as we already described earlier (use the second method in it).

Second case

It’s already about another asterisk. This star appeared on Android 5.0 and higher. It looks like this:

It’s not worth worrying, everything is quite simple – an asterisk means that the “Important” alert mode is on. In this mode, the sound of alerts is turned off for all subscribers except those that are marked as important. That’s the whole secret.

How to disable this mode? Press the button to increase or decrease the sound, a small menu will appear at the top of the screen. Here you will see that the “Important” mode is on, you can even set the time during which this mode works.

Click on the “All” item, after which the “Important” mode will be turned off, you can hear the sound of all notifications, and the asterisk will disappear from the status bar.

As you can see, everything is very simple.