Android Beam: what is it and how does it work?

Delving into the settings of your Android-based smartphone, you won’t find it … For example, some Android Beam functionality, which, by the way, is not on every smartphone. What is it, how does it work and how to use it? Now we will tell.

Android Beam is a feature that allows you to transfer data using NFC technology (Near Field Communication – Near Field Communication). Android Beam allows you to share a wide variety of files with another device, including images, videos, music, etc. In short, another BlueTooth file transfer alternative.

How to use Android Beam?

You will need two smartphones, both of which must have NFC modules, otherwise nothing will work. Let’s show an example based on a Huawei smartphone (here the function is called Huawei Beam, which, in essence, is the same with respect to Android Beam).

Open the Settings app using the desktop icon.

Here, go to the “Connecting a device” section.

Next is the NFC line.

Turn on the NFC module using the switch.

Go back to the page and see the item Huawei Beam (Android Beam). Press.

Turn on the function if it is disabled.

On the second smartphone, do the same.

Find the file to send. Let there be an image. Click “Submit” or “Share”.

Choose Huawei Beam (Android Beam).

Unlock the screen on the second smartphone and hold the devices with the backs to each other.

Data transfer started.

Since this is an image, it will be saved in the gallery.