Apply update from ADB: translation into Russian and what is it on Android?

Many items of the recovery menu of Android smartphones are puzzling for users. For example, what does the point mean and how is Apply update from ADB translated? The phrase is translated approximately as “updating by means of ADB”. Still not clear? Let’s understand.

The main word here is the ADB or Android Debug Bridge, that is, the Android debug bridge – it is used so that the user can access the system of their smartphone by connecting it to a computer or laptop via a USB cable. After connecting, the device is controlled by the command line. What is it for? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Unlock smartphone.
  • Flashing the smartphone or updating it.
  • Unavailability of Android version in a specific region.
  • Starting a smartphone with problems.

In some cases, the use of a debug bridge is so necessary that without it it is impossible to reflash a device that, say, has turned into a “brick”. And here is what the indicated item in the recovery menu looks like:

An example for another menu recovery is TWRP:

How to use ADB?

Charge your smartphone to at least 50-60% (it is better to charge up to 100%).

Download the software pack (SDK Platform Tools) from the official Android site, unpack it to the root of the C drive, and rename it adb for convenience.

Put the smartphone into recovery mode and select Apply update from ADB.

Next, connect to the smartphone using the command line – run as administrator.

Connect to the device using the command CD C: / adb.

Use the commands you need.

The connection process is outlined. Drivers may be required to establish a connection between devices..