Auto-rotate screen on Samsung smartphones: how to turn it on or off?

In some cases, the user may need to use the smartphone in a horizontal orientation, but only the text or image along with the rotation of the case may not change the position. Why? Because automatic screen rotation is not turned on. We will show how to enable or disable it on Samsung smartphones.

Do one swipe from the top of the smartphone screen to the bottom. See something like the following:

Then do one more to see the panel (curtain) completely. When the auto-rotate screen is turned off, the desired menu item is called “Book Screen”. To enable, click on the icon.

She changed not only the color, but also the name – to “Auto-rotate”.

It would seem that this can be finished, but not so simple – there are additional settings that you must be aware of. Click on the inscription under the icon – this is the “Book screen” or “Auto-rotate”, respectively.

Here you can choose to switch to landscape mode separately on the main screen or the voice call screen.

If auto-rotate is disabled, you can enable the rotate button on the navigation bar.

Video instruction

Moreover, it appears only when the body is tilted. Very comfortably.

The instruction is suitable for smartphones such as S8, S9, S10, A20, A30, A50, etc..