Barometer on the phone: what is it?

A barometer is a device that allows you to measure atmospheric pressure. The first barometer was mercury; it was invented back in 1644 by the mathematician and physicist Evangelista Torricelli from Italy. With a decrease in pressure, the mercury in the test tube decreased; with an increase, it increased.

The barometer also allows you to predict the weather. So, for example, before a bad weather, the pressure drops, and with increasing weather is expected to be good. Also, data on pressure changes are useful to so-called weather-sensitive people – those who noticeably respond to weather changes. So, with a decrease in pressure, some people experience discomfort, and sometimes pain. If you know about the upcoming pressure drop, you can, for example, refuse hard work so as not to burden your body.

Today, a barometer can even be found … on a smartphone or tablet! Why is he needed here? You will be surprised, however, it is part of the GPS system. It turns out that the atmospheric pressure sensor allows you to measure the height at which a person is located, thereby more accurately and quickly indicating the location of the device, and with it the person.

However, you can use the barometer for its intended purpose – in order to find out the current atmospheric pressure. To do this, you will have to download one of the applications in the Google Play Market. You can also write in the search – “barometer”, then select the application that suits you. The main thing is that a barometer sensor (electronic) is installed in your smartphone, without it the application will not work. Above – Barometer HD application screenshot.