BeiDou: what is it in a smartphone?

When you look at a new smartphone for purchase, you look not only at its appearance, but also at the specifications. In the characteristics you can often see such a bunch: GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou. If everything is clear with GPS and GLONASS, then what is BeiDou?

BeiDou (read as Beidou) is a Chinese satellite navigation system. It was put into commercial operation in 2012, and will reach full capacity by about 2020..

In fact, it represents the analogue of GPS and GLONASS – these two systems are standardly supported by most new smartphones. Recently, a BeiDou navigation system has been added to them, so you can often see in the “Satellite Navigation” feature column support for three satellite navigation systems – GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou.

Many smartphones have already received BeiDou support, but not yet. This is primarily done by Chinese companies, but there are companies from other countries, such as Samsung, which has included BeiDou support on many of its devices.

And what about all this to the user, you ask? In fact, the device user is the winner. Look, each navigation system has its pros and cons, but be that as it may, in conjunction they allow you to more accurately position the device on satellites. And do not forget that when the Internet is turned on, positioning occurs including on it. The more sources, the more accurately the location of the user with the device is indicated. Of course, there is nothing wrong here, solid pluses.

In the future, BeiDou will probably support almost all smartphones, as was the case with GPS or GLONASS.