Can I charge my phone in the microwave?

Quite often, users ask – they say, is it true that using a microwave oven you can charge a smartphone or phone? Rumors began after someone circulated this information online. Interestingly, people believed and tried to charge their devices … What came of it? Nothing good.

Never put your device, be it a smartphone, phone or tablet, in the microwave! If you turn it on, you won’t be able to use the device again. Why? Yes, because it simply burns out! Moreover, only a few seconds are enough to disable the device, and if there is more time, the device will simply fry.

Look at what happened with the Samsung smartphone, which lay in the included microwave for several minutes:

And this is with the iPhone:

It doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you have – Samsung or the same iPhone, it will turn into a bunch of garbage anyway. By the way, in some cases you will need not only a new smartphone, but also a microwave, which can also be disabled.

If you read somewhere that the model of your smartphone can now be charged with a microwave, do not believe it – this is such a cruel joke that thousands of device owners have trusted. The only thing they managed to do was disable their device.

If you do not believe us, look for videos on YouTube – there are many.