Dual apps in Xiaomi: what is it?

We are already accustomed to the fact that with each firmware update they get new functions, and often in one update the functionality can be significantly expanded. MIUI firmware with one of the updates received several important functions. One of the features is called Dual Applications. What does she mean?

Indeed, if you look at the settings of the smartphone, you can see such a section. There he is:

This section allows you to create a clone of the application. Suppose you use two SIM cards in your smartphone, however, when installing a popular messenger, you can attach it to only one SIM card. If you need to attach a messenger to a second SIM card and use instant messengers simultaneously from one phone, you will need to create a copy of the application. In this case, the Dual Applications section will help you do this..

Open it and you will see all the applications for which you can create a clone application. For example, WhatsApp, as in our example. When you move the slider, a copy of the application will be created, and its shortcut will be added to the desktop.

And this is how the shortcut for the application itself and its clone on the desktop looks – you won’t get confused.

Now you can use two messengers on your Xiaomi. It should be noted that not only messengers are supported, but also other applications. By the way, similar functionality appears on other firmware, although the name of this section of the menu may be different..