Error getting data from RH-01 server in Play Market. How to fix?

When using the Google Play Market, various errors can occur, which, inter alia, do not allow downloading applications from the server. We talked about some of these errors before; today we’ll talk about the RH-01 error. It occurs when you open the Google Play Market and completely sounds like this: “Error while receiving data to the server: [RH-01]”.

And here is the error on the screen of a smartphone or tablet:

How to deal with the problem? There are several solutions, each of which we will describe in detail.

Method 1: Reboot

Everything is simple here – simply restart your tablet or smartphone. Practice says that such a simple procedure can solve a huge number of problems..

Method 2. Clearing data and the cache of Google services

Our site has already talked about this decision before. It can be said to be universal and helps in many cases when you are experiencing problems with both the Play Market and your device as a whole. The bottom line is deleting data and the cache of Google services (and not only).

Next, an example will be shown on stock Android. If you have a different firmware, do not worry, the essence of the process does not change, except that the appearance and name of some menu items.

On the desktop, find the “Settings” application and go into it.

Next you need to find the “Applications” section.

In the installed applications, find the Google Play Services application. Tap on it.

You are on the application page. Click Erase Data and Clear Cache (not at the same time, one at a time).

Done? Perfectly. Now you’re doing the same with the Google Play Store and Google Services Framework..

Open the Google Play Market and see if the error goes away. If gone, congratulations; if not, try other solutions.

Method 3. Set the correct time and date

The following solution is often suitable for other errors that occur in the Google Play Market – you need to set the exact date and time..

We go into the settings, we find the section “Date and Time”.

We see that the date and time are synchronized with the network.

If the wrong time or date is indicated, turn off synchronization and set the data manually. Pay attention to the time zone, it may be erroneously set.

If you initially turned off time synchronization and set it by hand, turn on synchronization with the server when the Internet is connected. Then try accessing the Google Play Market..

Method 4. Deleting and adding a Google account

Another option to resolve the issue. You need to delete your account from the system and add it again. Some users recommend that you do not delete the account, but simply disable and enable synchronization, but this does not always help.

In the settings, find the “Accounts” section.

Choose your Google Account.

From the menu, select “Delete”.

Remember that when deleting an account, data that was not synchronized may be lost. Be careful as you may lose important information in this way.!

After deleting the account when opening the Google Play Market, you will be asked to enter the data from your account – login and password. You must know them. We have already talked about this before..

Method 5: Problem in Freedom Application

If you have the Freedom application installed, most likely the problem is in it. It needs to be removed correctly. For this:

  • In the Freedom application, open the menu and click Stop (you can’t remove Freedom without this procedure!).
  • Delete the application through the settings, or better, using the data cleaning application.
  • Reboot your device.

The point is that Freedom modifies the data in the hosts file, which makes it impossible to connect to the Google Play Market. If you previously uninstalled Freedom incorrectly, install it again and remove it correctly.