Factory Mode on Android: what is it and how to get out of it?

There are so many things in the Android operating system that when you start to understand, your eyes widen. For example, do you know what Recovery Mode is? And this, by the way, is the recovery menu. There are other modes, such as Factory Mode. What it is?

Factory Mode translates from English as “factory mode.” In fact, this is a firmware utility embedded in the firmware for testing and tuning your smartphone. Factory Mode consists of several main points, there can be either 5 or 10, depending on the version of your device. Sometimes there is a menu of only 3 items. Here, for example, Factory Mode, consisting of 9 menu items.

You may notice that the factory mode menu in this case is presented in English, which is already good. On some smartphones, this menu may be in the Chinese dialect and it will be much more difficult to figure it out..

Some of the menu items:

  • Full Test, Auto Test – a full smartphone test where all possible parameters are checked..
  • Item Test – a sample test. The user chooses what he needs to check.
  • GPS – checking the positioning of the device.
  • Clear eMMC – reset the device to the factory settings, delete all data (analogue wipe data / factory reset in Recovery Mode).
  • Debug Test – debug mode.
  • Test Report – Test Alert.
  • Reboot – device reboot.

In part, Factory Mode can replace Recovery Mode (for example, to reset settings), but these are completely different modes. In addition, on most devices, Factory Mode only allows you to test your smartphone, but will not let you perform other actions like the same reset (Hard Reset).

By the way, we draw your attention to the fact that moving through Factory Mode is done using mechanical keys (Power and sound control keys), although touch control keys located under the screen are used somewhere.

How to enable Factory Mode?

Factory Mode can be found not in every smartphone. Some manufacturers abandoned it for the simple reason that device testing is carried out using proprietary utilities or special key combinations.

If your device has Factory Mode, most often it starts:

By pressing the Power key and the sound increase key of the turned off device:

When you press the Power key and the sound reduction key of a turned off device:

When you press the Power key and the volume increase and decrease keys while the device is turned off:

In this case, you can run Recovery Mode or another menu, be careful.

How to exit Factory Mode?

It is very simple. In the Factory Mode menu, you can see the Reboot item – in the translation “Reboot”.

It is you who need to choose it to reboot the device. In this case, the smartphone will be loaded in normal mode. You don’t have to do anything else.