Failed to contact Google servers. Please try again later. What to do?

It is such an error, whose name you see in the heading of this article, that some users encounter when, for example, they want to download an application using the Play Market. Of course, questions immediately arise – what kind of error is this and how to fix it?

The error itself on the screen of an Android smartphone can look like this:

Or so:

The essence of this does not change.

The error occurs because the device is unable to contact Google services (which is reflected in the name), but it is not known exactly why this happens, because the reasons can be very different. Let’s understand.

Change the type of connection

It implies a change in the type of connection to the Internet. So, if you are connected to the mobile Internet, connect to a Wi-Fi network or vice versa. In some cases, it helps..

Reboot smartphone

A simple way, which, oddly enough, can also help – if the failure is related to the smartphone software.

Press and hold the Power key until a menu appears on the smartphone screen.

From the menu, select “Reboot”.

Wait for the reboot and check the operation of your device.

Using network time

It is believed that time synchronization with the network helps to cope with the problem, if it is disabled in the settings.

Open the Settings app.

In the search bar indicate “time” (without quotation marks) and select the desired menu item.

Turn on network time usage.

Clearing Play Market Cache

One of the most effective means.

Open the “Settings”.

Find the apps section.

Click on the line of the Google Play Store.

Here is the item “Memory”.

And now – the “Clear Cache” button.

It is also recommended to reset by clicking on the corresponding icon. However, you must understand that deauthorization from the account will occur, so you will have to enter the login and password to enter the Play Market again.

Root Rights

A problem may occur on rooted devices. So, when you install Freedom, the configuration of the hosts file changes, which is why there is a problem with entering the Play Market. You need to either edit the file manually, or run Freedom, press stop and reboot.