Fastboot on Xiaomi: what is it?

Many Xiaomi smartphone users have never heard of Fastboot mode. Moreover, most will never hear of him. But it happens that you put a smartphone in a bag, take it out and observe an incomprehensible inscription on the device’s screen РFastboot. What is it all about?

Fastboot is a special mode on Xiaomi smartphones, with which you can reflash the device, unlock the bootloader, etc. There are other ways of flashing the smartphone, but in some cases it is necessary to use the Fastboot mode, including to return to the firmware version installed earlier.

In this mode, the user observes the following:

However, in Fastboot mode there are no menu items.

To open Fastboot, you need to turn off your smartphone. First you need to press and hold the power key until a menu appears on the screen.

In the menu you must select the item “Shutdown” or Power off.

The smartphone will be turned off. Now press the sound reduction key and while holding it, press the power key.

When the smartphone gives the first signs of life, the finger can be removed from the power key, but the sound reduction button should be held down until you see Fastboot.

To exit this mode, you must press the power key and hold it until the screen goes blank.

After the device should be rebooted normally.

A simple example of firmware via Fastboot

You will need an application to install the firmware – such an application is MiFlash.

Launch the application and connect the smartphone in Fastboot mode to the computer or laptop. Press the Refresh key.

The application saw a smartphone.

The next step is to unpack the firmware intended for installation in Fastboot mode (there are firmware for the recovery menu, do not confuse). After unpacking using the Browse button, add it to the MiFlash application. Now you need to press the Flash key to install the firmware – it will be installed automatically, you just have to wait. If problems MiFlash should show an error.

There is one important nuance – at the bottom of the application there is a choice: Flash All, Flash all except storage or Flash all except data and storage. Usually, the second option is used, since it does not delete data, but if you select the first, then all data from the smartphone will be deleted. So reflash your smartphone more carefully.