Fitness bracelet with pressure measurement: top ranking of the best

The tonometer allows you to measure blood pressure. Today, fitness bracelets have appeared on the market (sometimes called fitness trackers), which are equipped with a tonometer. So far, there are not many similar models on the market, but they still exist. And we decided to get to know them better. Please note that fitness bracelets with a tonometer, as a rule, allow you to measure your heart rate. As for the accuracy of pressure measurement, it is difficult to say something – it all depends not only on the model of the bracelet, but also on the individual characteristics of the user, so the readings may be incorrect – take this into account.

Smarterra FitMaster 5

One of the most popular models at the time of writing, which can also be called inexpensive.

Here you will find a rather large 1.14-inch IPS-display (color with backlight), moisture protection level IP67, Bluetooth. Supported operating systems Android and iOS.

Smarterra FitMaster 5 supports the management of certain applications (for example, weather), allows you to monitor sleep, calories, physical activity. In addition to the tonometer, a heart rate monitor is also integrated.

Battery life – up to 100 hours in active mode and up to 200 hours in standby mode.

Qumann QSB 11

Nice bracelet from Qumann. There are several colors to choose from..

A color 0.96-inch display (IPS) is installed, there is water protection (IP67), OS support – Android and iOS.

Available – accelerometer, built-in heart rate monitor and tonometer. Monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity. Incoming call notification supported.

Operating time is indicated in standby mode – up to 168 hours. The claimed use of the YOHO Sports application.


Move on. Here we have the GEOZON HEART – a fitness tracker with a 0.96-inch screen. Of course, it is color, touch and backlit. Interestingly, the declared level of protection against water is IP68, that is, almost the maximum.

Both the most popular mobile operating systems (iOS, Android) are supported, monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, in addition to the tonometer, there is a heart rate monitor, notification of an incoming call is supported.

Bluetooth version is 4.0. Claimed standby time – up to 168 hours.

GSMIN Elband LM7

GSMIN Elband LM7 can be used as a watch, since the time on the screen is shown in a rather large font. An alarm is declared. And for this model a very large number of colors is provided – as they say, for every taste.

GSMIN Elband LM7 supports iOS and Android. The diagonal of the screen, one might say, is typical – 0.96 inches (IPS, touch and backlit). Like most other competitors, there is support for monitoring sleep, calories and physical activity, there is a notification of an incoming call.

Bluetooth version is 4.0. Operating time in the activity mode – up to 120 hours. Yoho Sports App Support.


And here we have something very interesting, namely a 2-in-1 device. What does it mean? In the case of this fitness bracelet you will find wireless headphones! How convenient it is to use the tracker for storing headphones, each user decides for himself.

The screen size is 0.96 inches, it is touch-sensitive and backlit. Declared support for listening to music from a smartphone (it is understandable – the headphones are included), phone calls via a smartphone or tablet, clock and alarm.

Battery life in standby mode can reach 168 hours, and in standby mode – more than two times longer.


If most competitors have a 0.96-inch screen, then in this model its diagonal is slightly smaller – 0.86 inches (touch-sensitive with backlight). But the device is smaller and it will be more convenient for many to use it.

OS iOS and Android are supported, there is vibration, notification of an incoming call, monitoring of the level of oxygen in the blood, the function of searching for the phone, controlling the camera of the smartphone. Sensors are similar to competitors: accelerometer, built-in heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor.

Standby time is up to 360 hours. Bluetooth version is 4.0. A choice of several colors of the strap.

GSMIN Elband A9

Cute fitness tracker with straps in different colors. There is even a delicate pink or unusual brown.

Oddly enough, the diagonal of the screen could not be determined, but, most likely, these are all the same familiar 0.96 inches. On the screen you can display the time with the date, the remaining charge level. Alarm Clock Announced.

Monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity. Sensors: accelerometer, built-in heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor. Standby time – up to 360 hours.

XRide Talkband B3

Another amazing device in our 2-in-1 review. Know how else you can use the XRide Talkband B3? Like a headset for talking on the phone! The screen case is removable and can be inserted into the ear (on the back side there is a special mount with a speaker). Therefore, do not be surprised why this model is more expensive than many competitors.

It is also worth noting the bracelet – stainless steel is indicated. There is protection against water (IP67), the diagonal of the color touch screen is 0.96 inches. The color of the strap at the time of writing is one.


Not a fitness bracelet, but a watch that someone might find a more interesting purchase.

Here is a rather large 1.4-inch screen with a high resolution of 240 × 240 pixels (color, touch and backlight), GPS, IP67 water protection, and the bracelet is made of steel.

As in the case with fitness bracelets, similar sensors are used: accelerometer, built-in heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor. Operating time – up to 48 hours in active mode.


Cheap waterproof watch from GEOZON. A pretty model for relatively little money with a 1.22-inch display. The strap material is silicone, although it looks unusual.

Notifications of an incoming call are supported, Bluetooth version is 4.0, monitoring of sleep and physical activity, the sensors used are an accelerometer, a built-in heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor, that is, like competitors.

Standby time can reach 120 hours.

Jet Sport SW-1

Stylish watch with water protection (IP67). Stated support for monitoring blood oxygen levels.

The screen is quite large – with a diagonal of 1.33 inches. Of course, it is backlit and touch, and the claimed matrix is ​​IPS. Active time is up to 120 hours and twice as long in standby mode. There is vibration.

Sensors – an accelerometer, a built-in heart rate monitor and, of course, a blood pressure monitor.


Stylish watch with the ability to measure pressure and heart rate from CARCAM.

A large display with a diagonal of 1.3 inches is installed. There is vibration, moisture protection (IP67), Bluetooth version 4.0. The declared operating time in active mode is up to 72 hours, in standby mode longer – up to 120 hours.

You can choose a version with a bright color strap.


An interesting option from ZDK is a bracelet with a rectangular curved screen with a diagonal of 1.08 inches. The declared total weight is only 18 g. Standby time is as much as 480 hours, that is, up to 20 days.

The bracelet is made of stainless steel, the case is most likely also made of it (material not specified). There is vibration, Bluetooth version 4.2 LE, notification of an incoming call, all the necessary sensors, including an accelerometer, built-in heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor.

Blood oxygen measurement is also supported..

Bizzaro f270

Budget Solution from Bizzaro.

In stock – everything you need: support for Android and iOS, 0.96-inch touchscreen display, notification of an incoming call, IP67 water protection, built-in heart rate monitor with the ability to continuously measure your heart rate, accelerometer and blood pressure monitor, smartphone search function, alarm clock.

Battery life is not indicated, but the battery capacity is known – 90 mAh.