Games crash on Android: what to do?

For smartphones and tablets based on the Android OS, there are a huge number of various games for every taste, from the simplest casuals to shooters with excellent graphics. Even if the user uses the most powerful device on the market, this may not save him from the game crash. Why can games crash on Android devices and what to do in this case?

Reasons for the departure of games

  • The most common reason is poor game optimization for a particular device. In other words, if on your smartphone of one company the game “goes” with a bang and does not crash, then on a more powerful tablet of another company you may encounter constant crashes. The only thing you can do in this case is to contact the developer – you can leave a response in the Google Play Store with the desire to optimize the game for a specific device.
  • Another reason is poor optimization of the game as a whole. In this case, crashes will be observed on all or most devices. In this case, as a rule, you need to wait for the update from the developer, which will fix this bug.
  • The game is not intended for your version of the Android OS. For example, if the requirements of the game say that the required OS version for the application is 4.1 or higher, and you run it on Android 2.3, then the game may not start at all or it will start, but it will crash. Do not forget to look into the requirements when downloading applications.

  • Please also note that some toys may be intended for certain models of devices, for example, for a specific processor. In this case, the game may start, but it will crash. You need to download an application that is suitable for your device.
  • If you download the application not from the Google Play Store, but from another resource, it is possible that the problem is in the APK file or in the broken link. Download the application again.
  • Often a problem occurs when setting up the cache. As we know, if a user downloads a game from a third-party resource, then he needs to install the cache himself. So, if you confuse the folder for installing the cache, this can lead not only to crashes, but also to other problems with the game.
  • Do not forget that some games are extremely demanding on the hardware. Resource crashes – no wonder.

What to do?

It is clear that in some cases, if, for example, the game is not intended for your device, nothing can be done. In other situations, you can try to help yourself. how?

  • If you don’t see any reason for the game to crash, first reboot the device. This will help, firstly, to overcome some malfunction in the system, if there is one, and secondly, it will free up additional memory.
  • Try simply unloading all unnecessary applications from memory, that is, close them.

  • Reinstall the application. To do this, you need to remove it from the device and download again.
  • In some cases, the application may work normally on a more recent version of the firmware. Try updating the firmware of your device if an update appears..
  • Just in case, use an antivirus, because problems can be associated with malicious files or programs that are on the device.

  • Finally, you can diagnose the device in the technical center if it does not cope with its duties. But you need to do this only if problems are observed with all games, and not just with any one.


We will be grateful if you tell us about your methods of solving problems with game crashes.