Google Talk authentication failed. What to do?

The error “Google Talk Authentication Failure” is not so common, but it can cause problems for the user, for example, when downloading applications from Google Play. A single solution to the problem does not exist, therefore, we consider several of the most likely options.

First decision

The first thing to do is try updating Google services. To do this, open Google Play, swipe left to right from the left frame and see the menu in which we select “My applications and games”.

In the “Installed” tab, we find all Google services and update them (tap on the application and click “Update” or just select “Update All”).

This can help.

Second solution

If updating Google services doesn’t help, try clearing the cache for Google apps..

Go to the “Settings”.

Here we find the section “Applications”.

Next, select the “Everything” tab and find the Google Play Store, as shown in the screenshot. Tap once on the app.

On the page of the application itself, click on the “Clear Cache”, “Erase Data” and “Stop” buttons.

After that, launch Google Play using the application. The error should disappear. In the same way, you can try to clear data for other Google applications. But whether it helps, it’s definitely impossible.

Third decision

As for the third solution to the problem, here you will need to configure the synchronization of Google services.

To do this, go back to the “Settings” section, only this time select a Google account.

Here we see your account and click on it.

In the “Synchronization” section, remove all the checkmarks and reboot the device.

After the reboot, we return to this section and put all the checkmarks back with the Internet connected.

Checking the operation of the device.

Fourth decision

If all else fails, we restore the factory settings of the smartphone or tablet. How to do this, we told in detail earlier.

Please note that when resetting, all data is deleted, so do not forget to make a copy of them!