Hangouts: what is this program?

If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, you probably could see an application called Hangouts. This is an instant messaging software developed by Google. It should be noted that the Hangouts application actually replaced three other instant messengers at once: it is Google Talk, Google+ Chats and the video chat service Google+ Hangouts. You can even use Hangouts for online streaming on YouTube..

An important factor is that the program uses the same Google account that you use, for example, in the Goolge Play Store, although Hangouts supports the ability to add additional accounts.

What is Hangouts for??

Hangouts appeared in 2013 and combines several services. With its help, the user can communicate with other participants, and there can be several dozen of them at the same time. The application can be used both on mobile devices and desktop web browsers, which are built on the basis of the Chromium engine.

Among other things, the application allows participants to indicate their location, upload an image, send SMS messages, create a video conference, etc..

It is interesting that if the interlocutor is offline, and you sent him a message, it will be delivered to him as soon as he enters the network.

And yet, one of the most interesting features of the messenger is video communication. In this regard, Hangouts is almost the main competitor of the famous Skype program..

By the way, you can even enter Hangouts from the Google Mail interface – your mailbox!

Where to download Hangouts?

Hangouts is available for various platforms, including Windows, Android, and even iOS. Since our site is dedicated to the Android operating system, we’ll show you how to download the application to your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play Store.

But before we begin, we strongly recommend that you make sure that the application is no longer installed on your device. If not, open the Google Play Store and write Hangouts in the search bar..

Select an application. On the page with the application, click “Install”.

Wait for the application to install on your device.

Launch the application, find contacts and start chatting.

Please note that account entry is not required because the current Google account on the device is used. However, you can add another account through the Hangouts settings..