HiCare: what is this Android program and is it needed?

If you have a smartphone from Huawei (apparently, this also applies to devices from Honor), you can probably find the HiCare application on it (for some models it can be downloaded via the Play Market). What is this application and what is it for? HiCare is an application created to improve the quality of the smartphone throughout its life. For example, HiCare will help you set up your smartphone the first time you use it (if necessary).

And now – in more detail, what is here:

  • Smart Device Diagnostic Mode.
  • A set of tools for self-service of your device.
  • Device Update Request.
  • Repair Services. So, if there is a need, you can make an appointment in advance with a service center. In addition, you can coordinate the time of arrival of the courier to send it to the service center.
  • Find your nearest service center.
  • Chat for communication with Huawei specialists.

To start, find the application. In our example, it is located in the Tools folder.

You need to read the privacy notices and rights, as well as the agreement with the user.

Recommendations Page.

Service Page.

User page.

If the application is built-in, you cannot delete it – there is no corresponding button. If it was installed independently through the Play Market, it is easy to remove..