Honor and Huawei: is this one company? What is the difference?

Huawei is one of the largest Chinese communications companies and one of the largest smartphone manufacturers. This company is well known in Russia, where its devices are a success..

Often some of the company’s devices are called Huawei Honor, although this is not entirely correct. Why? Honor is a separate brand of Huawei, which appeared in 2013, so smartphones under the first brand should be referred to as Huawei, under the second, as Honor, for example, Honor 8 Lite.

And this is Huawei Nova:

Note that logos are different.

Why is the company an additional brand? This is explained by George Zhao, Honor director: he says that the difference lies primarily in the promotion and distribution of devices. In addition, Honor smartphones are designed for a younger audience of users, thanks to which Huawei was able to expand the circle of potential buyers. Honor is advancing through modern methods of communication, including through social networks, but sales of smartphones occur mostly through online stores. For what? This helps reduce costs as well as lower device costs..

It is important to understand that there is no difference between the software. Moreover, often some models are very similar to each other. For example, compare Honor 8 Lite and Huawei P8 Lite 2017:

Which is better – Honor or Huawei, you ask? The question is posed incorrectly, because before us is one company, although it is represented by different brands. The choice depends solely on the buyer.