How to add a number to the blacklist on an Android phone?

Android has a lot of chips that users often don’t even know about. For example, the operating system has a blacklist function. How to use it, you will learn right now.

The first example will be shown based on Android (version 4.2.2). Let’s say right away that the implementation of the blacklist is not the most convenient here. The fact is that in order to add a user to the black list, it is necessary that he be entered into contacts, moreover, on the phone itself, and not on the SIM card. This method works on Android 4.0-4.2.2 (presumably).

First, go to the Phone application, select a phone number and add it to your contacts.

Next, go to “Contacts”.

Select the added contact from the list..

We call the menu. This can be done as a button on the device itself (the one below the screen), or a button directly on the contact page, if one exists. We select “Direct blocking” (on some devices it is called “Direct blocking of incoming messages”).

If you want to add a user to the black list, which is not in your contacts, then you will first have to add him to the contact list, and then block it. By the way, according to our data, on Android 5.0 the situation has not changed, except now you need to select the menu item not “Direct block”, but “Only voicemail”.

However, now everything is much better in this regard. On some firmware (for example, Samsung’s TouchWiz), the blacklisting scheme has been changed. So, on the Samsung Galaxy device, the user does not need to be added to contacts. Open the call log, select the subscriber – click on his number.

Next, call up the menu by pressing the key below the screen, after which a menu will appear. In it you will need to select “Add to the black list”.

Another example is MIUI firmware. Everything is also very simple here: click on the subscriber’s number, and then on the “Block” button.

Most well-known firmwares now work in the same way, so there should be no problems with adding a number to an emergency.

In addition, you can use a special application that allows you to add subscribers to the black list, which is easy to find on Google Play. But does it make sense when it can be done using the standard functions of the Android OS?

If there is a need for a third-party application, just download and install it. There are a lot of similar applications in the Play Market – for every taste:

How to remove a number from the blacklist on an Android phone?

In the case of stock Android, the subscriber can be deleted in the same way as you blacklisted him, you just need to uncheck the option “Direct blocking”.

In Samsung Galaxy, for example, you need to go to the “Calls” application, call up the menu, select “Call settings” – “Call rejection” – “Black list”. Here you can manage your blocked subscribers.