How to allow installation of applications from unknown sources?

When installing applications from sources other than the Google Play Store, you can see on your devices something like this: “For security purposes, installing applications from unknown sources is blocked on the device.” This is an Android security system. To be able to install applications from other sources, you need to do something – now you will see for yourself. Please note that the scheme will be different for devices up to and including Android 7 and version 8, so we’ll talk about both cases.

For Android 8 and above

Let’s start with more modern versions of Android – in them the system allows you to include permission to install from unknown sources for individual applications, and not for all at once. What it looks like in practice?

We select the application to install, tap on it.

Immediately we see a message that the installation of applications from unknown sources is prohibited. Click “Settings”.

Since the application (the APK file) is installed through the “Files” file manager, starting from version 8 of Android, we can provide permission to install applications from unknown sources only for this file manager. Enable Resolution.

Go back and click on the “Install” button. The application will be installed.

You can manually select all applications for which the installation will be allowed (but it is better to disable it). To do this, go to “Settings”.

In the search bar, specify the word “installation” (without quotation marks) and select the desired menu item. We have it called “Installing applications from external sources”.

List of applications with the ability to enable permissions – in front of you.

Up to and including Android 7

Run the installation application.

See the message about the installation prohibition. Click “Settings”.

Turn on installing applications from unknown sources.

Read the information that you are responsible for possible damage caused by the installed application from an unknown source, and if you agree, tap OK.

Re-run the APK file for installation and install by clicking on the button of the same name.

Just do not forget to enable the ban on installing applications from unknown sources in the settings (section “Security”) – for your safety.

Video instruction

Once again: remember that all responsibility for installing applications from unknown sources rests with your shoulders. If possible, use only the Play Market to install applications..