How to block a person’s account on Instagram?

Locking your Instagram account means that they will no longer be able to visit your page. If you have any annoying person or, say, a spammer, you can easily and simply add him to the black list. But how to do this, we will show in this manual. Please note that for some time on Instagram there is both a permanent lock and a temporary one. Explanation – Further.

Open Instagram app.

You will see a tape in front of you. Suppose you do not want to see news from one of the users – in this case you can block his feed, that is, you will no longer see his news in the feed until you unlock it. Here is the tape, on the right side we see three points – click.

A menu appears where you need to tap on the line “Temporarily block”.

The first line you block publications, the second – publications and stories. What to choose, you decide.

Immediately after this publication, the user will disappear from the feed, but he will not be blocked.

If you want to block an individual user permanently, then you need to select a user in the list, for example:

On the user’s page, click on three dots.

Choose Block.

And confirm the user lock.


To see the blacklist, you need to do several things. On your page, click on the three strips..

Choose “Settings”.

Here – “Confidentiality”.

Next – “Blocked Accounts”.

List in front of you.

Difficult, but you can find.