How to change my Google account on an Android phone?

For some time, our site talked about how to create a Google account, including for use in the Play Market. We also talked about how to delete this same account. Now let’s talk about how to change it.

In fact, the operation is simple, but remember that in order to change the account, you must have a different, second account. If one is missing, you can create one. Remember also that you must have mobile internet or Wi-Fi connected..

First go to settings.

Find the “Accounts” section and click “Add Account”.

Next, select your Google Account..

Now select a new account or an existing one. You can create a new one right on this page, or simply by registering on the Gmail service, for example. If an account has already been created, click “Existing”, as in our case.

Enter data from the second account.

Logging In.

Add data to pay for apps or content or just skip this step.

Set up synchronization if necessary.

In the settings we see two accounts, you can use both (not at the same time), for example, when downloading applications from the Google Play Market (the account can be changed in the Market settings).

If necessary, you can delete an unnecessary account from a smartphone or tablet, as we already wrote.