How to change navigation buttons on Android?

What are smartphones with on-screen touch control keys good? The fact that they can be interchanged and even turned off altogether by refusing to use gestures (the last idea, however, was not to everyone’s taste). In this article we will tell you how to change the location of the touch keys on your Android smartphone.

Our example uses a Honor / Huawei smartphone. If you have another device, it doesn’t matter, the process is similar.

Go to the Settings app.

We open the section “System”.

Click on the line “System Navigation”.

In the subsection “Three navigation buttons” click “Settings”.

And here we select the desired combination of buttons.

But what if you could not find such an item in the menu? You can do this: in the settings search bar, specify the key “buttons” or “button” (without quotes), and then select the desired menu item.

This works on almost all smartphones, of course, provided that, in principle, it is possible to change the location of the touch keys.