How to change the font on an Android phone?

By default, on devices running the Android operating system, the most optimal font is set. Theoretically, each user can change it, but, alas, this concerns far from all cases. In general, let’s understand all the intricacies.

Font replacement without root rights

Some companies allow you to change the font on their devices without resorting to various actions, including obtaining root rights on the device. For example, Samsung can be attributed here. To change the font on the phone, go to settings.

Select the Display Section.

Click “Font Size and Style”.

Now – “Font Style”.

And select the appropriate font style, for example:

Here’s what happened:

There you can adjust the font size.

Replacing a font using root-rights

If your device does not have the ability to change the font programmatically, then you have to use a special application that allows you to replace the font. The downside is that this procedure can only be carried out if root-rights are installed on the device. Some users claim that applications with which you can change the font allow you to change it on some devices even without installing root-rights. We did not succeed, alas, perhaps you will succeed.

So, open Google Play, download the application called iFont, install it and launch it. Next, select the font, and click on its icon.

On the font page, click on the Download button so that the font is downloaded to the device.

The font is downloaded, click on the Set button.

If you do not have root rights installed, then you will see that nothing happened, as in our case.

If root rights are set, you can change the font for your own pleasure at least every 5 minutes.