How to change the language on a Samsung phone?

It happens that you get your smartphone with an interface not in Russian, but, say, in English or Chinese. And you think how to change it into Russian. If the system already has Russian, then this will not be a problem. You can verify this using the example of a Samsung smartphone and proprietary firmware One UI.

We have specially installed English in the system and will change it to Russian. If you use a different language, you can follow the instructions and navigate to the same points that we will point to.

Open Settings.

Next – General management (pay attention to the icon of this section).

Here is Language and input (first item in the list).

Click on the first line Language.

Tap on the button in the form of a plus to add a language (Add language).

Find Russian in the list and click on it.

Select “Region” (in our case, it is “Russia”).

Next, click Set as default.


By the way, if the list already has the desired language, you need to do the following: tap on it and, holding, move to first place.

Then you need to tap on the “Apply” button to save.

Language will change.

Accordingly, the languages ​​may not necessarily be English or Russian, but any other available in the system.