How to change the language on a Xiaomi smartphone?

If you buy a Xiaomi smartphone at a foreign site, including Aliexpress, there is a chance that the device will come with an interface in Chinese or English. But if global firmware is installed, you should not worry – just change the language. But how to do this, you will learn from our article. For greater complexity, we use Chinese, which we will switch to Russian. You should navigate through the menu icons (in MIUI 10, as far as we know, they do not disappear when switching between languages).

Go to the settings section.

Next, select the specified item.

Now – the second line from the top.

On the page that opens, the first line that you can click on.

Here is a list of languages. Scroll down to see the Russian language. Select him.


Video instruction

Thus, you can choose any other available language. But if only Chinese and English are available, it means that firmware is used for the domestic market, you need to upgrade the device to global firmware (if one is available for the selected smartphone).