How to change the language on an Android phone / smartphone from Chinese to Russian?

The mobile device market has grown many times over the past few years. Ahead of the planet is the whole of China, where not only smartphones of most eminent manufacturers are produced, but also a large number of their own brands. Some of them have already achieved world fame by offering smartphones and tablets in the budget and mid-price categories. Since all these devices are based on the Android operating system, there should not be any problems with the use, even if you decide to order a smartphone directly from China. Almost all firmware support the Russian language, however, upon delivery you can find the installed Chinese (less often – English) language on the gadget. How to change it into Russian?

It’s easy, especially if you’ve at least once had delays with Android devices.

On the desktop, find the gear icon – these are device settings. Earlier versions use a multi-strip icon.

If you do not see the icon, then go to the application menu by clicking on the button as shown in the screenshot – here you will find all the applications already installed on your device. The button may have a different look.

You are in the settings menu. Everything will be in Chinese here, so it will be practically impossible to understand what is written and where. Do not worry. In the menu you will need to find the icon with the letter A and an ellipsis, as shown in the picture. Whatever sewing you use, in 99% of cases the icon will look just like this – this is done so that users can independently find the menu section where the language changes.

So, you have found the desired menu section. We go into it. At the very top of the screen (remember, this is important!) There is an item for changing the language.

Click, and then select from the list the language that you would like to install, for example, Russian or English. Everything is simple.

And what if the menu does not have Russian? Most likely, you need to either update the software or install the firmware where the Russian language will be embedded.

In exactly the same way, you can change any language to the one you need if it is, of course, already sewn into the firmware.