How to change the password in the Google account on Android?

A situation may arise when you need to change the password for the Play Market or for your Google account. If you look at the settings of your smartphone or tablet, you will not find anything. And why? The fact is that a Google account is the same for all services of the company. This means that you can change the password in the mail, because the account that you use on your device looks like the login [dog] It is better to do this from a computer, but it is also possible from a smartphone or tablet, just use the full version of the account, not the mobile one. We will show an example on the desktop (computer) version of Gmail.

Open and enter the login first, and then the password for your account.

When you find yourself in your account, in the upper right part of the screen, click on the icon that we indicated by the arrow in the screenshot. A small menu will appear in which you need to click on the “My Account” button.

You will see a page with your account settings. Select the Security and Login section here..

In the “Login to Google Account” subsection, click on the “Password”.

Enter the password again if necessary..

The system will prompt you to enter a new password. Confirm it and click “Change Password”.

Actually, that’s all – the password has been changed. Please note that it has been changed for all Google services, including the Play Store, so it will have to be re-entered on the device when you enter the Google Play Market. How to do this, we recently described in a separate article.