How to charge an external battery (Power Bank)?

External batteries seem to have recently appeared on sale, but today a lot of users own them. No wonder: a small “box” allows you to charge a discharged smartphone, phone, tablet or other gadget away from home. In addition, Power Bank fits easily in any bag, and there are models that can be carried even in your pocket!

But today it’s not about size. Many users are interested in how to charge an external battery. In fact, everything is very simple, although there are nuances that you should know.

Charging options

First, let’s look at charging options..

The first and perhaps the most popular – from a computer or laptop via a USB port. Connect the Power Bank on one side of the cable, insert it into the USB port on the other, the device immediately starts charging.

True, charging is not as fast as we would like – the whole thing is in particular USB-technology.

Second option – charging from the network. Have you noticed that external batteries are sold without a charger? It is understood that the user will charge the gadget either from the computer’s USB port, or from the charger that comes with the smartphone or tablet. Note that charging from the network is much faster than from USB.

Third option can be called exotic – charging from sunlight. In this case, it is understood that you are using a special Solar-powered Power Bank, which in fact can be charged with solar energy. Here’s what it looks like:

Fourth option – Charge Power Bank from your phone or smartphone. Think this is a joke? Now there are mobile gadgets that can serve as a kind of external battery, which means that with their help you can charge Power Bank. Like this.

How much is the external battery charging?

It depends on the capacity of the external battery, as well as on the charging method. The gadget is most quickly charged from network charging. The average charging time of a 5000 mAh battery from a 1A charger is 5 hours. Accordingly, if the battery has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, charging will last about 10 hours – from 0 to 100 percent.

If you charge Power Bank in other ways, the charging time can seriously increase – even several times. Solar batteries recharge the longest from the sun.

Power Bank Charge Features

  • In order for the external battery to gain full capacity, it must be charged up to 100% at least 3-4 times.
  • It is believed that Li-Ion batteries do not have the so-called “memory effect”, which we talked about before. But there are people who think differently, so they recommend charging Power Bank always up to 100% in order to maintain maximum capacity.
  • As for the discharge, it is not recommended to discharge the external battery to 0% – no more than 10-20%, after which it must be charged. You can find out using the display level. If one is missing, try doing it by eye with an LED indication.

For example – Xiaomi Power Bank LED-indication:

  • It is believed that if you discharge Power Bank “to zero” every 2-3 months, this will allow it to “calibrate”.
  • Do not charge the Power Bank in direct sunlight (except for external batteries designed to charge from sunlight).
  • Always use original cables and chargers..