How to charge the tablet if the charging socket is broken?

The device charging slot is not always durable. However, in many cases it is the owners of the devices that do not comply with elementary rules. For example, they carefully remove the plug from the socket and pull it out. And if the tablet periodically falls, then there’s nothing to be surprised at.

Anyway, if the connector is broken, charging the device with the standard method will not work. Hence, so many questions related to charging tablets. Let’s say right away that at the moment there is only one possible charging option – wireless. True, there are a number of conditions.

First, you need to purchase a device for wireless charging. There will be no problems with this, especially since the kit will cost $ 10-20 if you order it in some foreign online store.

Secondly, your device must support wireless charging. And here the problems begin. The fact is that so far not many tablets support wireless charging, and even if they support, then not everyone has a special receiver. Most likely, this receiver needs to be bought separately, which, by the way, is attached to the battery? moreover, it is important that he does not use the socket for charging when connected.

And here’s the result: you need to purchase a wireless charging kit and a receiver if the device supports this type of charging. In total, it will cost 1-2 thousand rubles and above. Is it worth it? In our opinion, it is easier to take the tablet to a service where the master will figure out the connector for the same money. Although, of course, it all depends on the failure of a particular device, because the cost of repair may be higher.

What other ways can we offer? Actually, no, because otherwise you can’t charge the tablet, unless you work as a wizard for servicing smartphones and tablets. Therefore, the only option in your case is to go in search of a master who will fix the malfunction.

However, let’s not forget that the problem can be hidden not only in hardware, but also in software, so just in case, reset the system or update the firmware.

If your device is under warranty and you are sure that the reason for the failure of the socket was not a drop or moisture, feel free to contact the store where you bought the device – you should fix the connector for free.

How to protect the charging socket from damage?

It is still not possible to protect the connector 100%, but if you follow the simplest rules, then something is unlikely to happen to the connector. Here are the simplest rules for you..

  • Never pull the plug sharply out of the socket, it can be instantly damaged.
  • Try to avoid dropping your tablet. Even if the blow falls on an angle where there is no charging slot itself, this does not mean that the connector does not suffer.
  • Stay away from moisture. Do not take the tablet to the bathroom: corrosion that comes from moisture can damage not only the connector, but also the board.