How to choose a smartphone for games?

A smartphone is a multitasking device with which you can not only call friends, but also surf the Internet, watch videos, listen to music, play games … As for games, today there are countless numbers of them for mobile platforms. Some users even buy smartphones primarily for games. How to choose a gaming smartphone? Consider a few basic parameters that you will need to pay attention to..


It is clear that the more powerful the processor, the better. But there is one more point – a video chip (GPU) is already built into many processors, that is, by paying for a powerful processor, you also get a powerful video chip, which positively affects the gaming characteristics of the smartphone.

One of the most powerful processors and chips today is Qualcomm Snapdragon and Adreno, respectively. However, it is not necessary to focus on the most powerful processor of the company, you can get by with a chip easier, while saving a lot of money. After all, even on medium-power chips, games often go at maximum settings without FPS drawdown.


We are guided by the same principle – the more the better. The fact is that some games occupy a fair amount of RAM and, with a lack of the latter, may not be corny to load. Fortunately, now even in low-cost devices they install 3 GB of RAM, which should be enough with your head. However, 2 GB of RAM is also not a bad option..


There are two main points – the matrix and the diagonal of the screen. As for the matrix, here everything is exclusively individual. For example, using Full HD-resolution drains the battery faster, but the pixels are not visible to the eye, if we are talking about a screen diagonal of 5-5.5 inches. HD resolution extends the battery life, but in some cases, pixels are visible if you specifically look at the screen. For many users, this is a very critical moment..

As for the AMOLED matrix or IPS matrix, then everything depends on taste only. AMOLED-matrix gives brighter colors and saves battery power when watching videos. IPS matrices have more natural colors.

As for the diagonal of the screen, it is better to give your preference to a 5.5-inch smartphone or even more. Why? It’s more convenient to play them, especially when it comes to some kind of strategy.


A very important parameter. It is no secret that it is games that can discharge the device in just a few hours, so autonomy must be at a high level. We recommend choosing devices with a battery capacity of at least 4000-5000 mAh so that you do not stay with a discharged smartphone at the right time.


The shell is an optional parameter, however, there are cases when a seemingly powerful smartphone hardly even launches simple toys with difficulty, simply because the software is not optimized with hardware. You should read about such problems in the reviews for a specific smartphone model..


We cannot indicate the specific cost, since you can buy a device for 10 thousand rubles, which will completely pull your favorite games, and for 40 thousand. Choose you.

Low-cost models, which are also suitable for games, include Xiaomi Redmi 3:

Or, for example, Ulefone Power:

These are just a couple of examples; the final purchase decision is yours..