How to clear the internal memory of a phone or tablet on Android?

Until now, many budget devices are equipped with a small amount of internal memory. As a rule, this is 8 GB, but there are devices on which no more than 4 GB is allocated. Accordingly, they have very little space for installing applications, videos, music and photos. What can be done in this case??

Transfer applications to a memory card or delete them

If applications are installed in the device’s memory, it is advisable to transfer them to a memory card. You can do it this way. First, go to your device’s settings (Settings app).

Next, find the “Applications” section.

We are looking for third-party applications in it. For example, in our case, this is the game Cut the Rope. Click on the application icon.

Once in the settings, click “Transfer to SD card” (in our case, “Go to SD card”, which is basically the same thing).

The game will be transferred to the memory card. This may take some time depending on the size of the application..

If you do not use the application, then delete it by clicking on the button of the same name.

Transfer video, audio, photos

In many cases, video or audio recordings occupy the free space, and often a huge number of photos. You can transfer these files in two ways: using Explorer, or using a computer. In the second case, connect the device to the computer using a USB cable and transfer files from the internal memory to the memory card manually.

For the first case, you will need a file manager, for example, ES Explorer. Launch the application, find the folder with the file, click on it and copy.

Next, select a place to transfer and paste the folder.

Everything she was moved.

Clean up obsolete and unnecessary data

You can use various applications for this, and some devices have proprietary cleaning utilities. We will use the SD Maid application, which has proven itself well. Download it on the Google Play Market, install and run. Click on the “Trash” button and wait until the system collects all the data.

Then click “Clear” to clear the data..

In our case, the amount of garbage is very small. Sometimes, however, garbage can run into a few gigabytes of memory. So that.


By the way, unnecessary files can be stored in cloud storage. Many cloud storages are completely free, so you can use this service to store, say, unnecessary photos.