How to clear Yandex history on an Android phone?

Yandex.Browser is one of the most popular Android smartphones among Russian buyers. However, not all users know how, for example, to delete the query history from the browser or from the search window. We know, and therefore have prepared for you this simple and small instruction.

How to clear history in Yandex.Browser?

Find the browser icon on the desktop and tap on it.

In the browser that opens, click on the button in the form of three stripes (not three dots).

A menu appears. It is necessary to open the browsing history in it, for which click on the clock icon.

We see the browsing history of sites.

Click on the desired site and hold your finger until the menu appears. The “Delete” line deletes the selected site..

You can also select “Clear History” – in this case, the entire browsing history will be deleted.

The indicated action must be confirmed.

The story has been cleared.

There is another way. Click on three dots (not three strips).

Choose settings.

Tap on the line “Clear data”.

Select the line “History”, check the box and click “Clear data”, which will delete the entire browsing history..

Do not forget to confirm the action..

Clear history in search bar

By default, the browser remembers the last requests in Yandex, for example:

Not everyone likes this. You can do the following: at the bottom of the search query panel, tap “Configure query history”.

Uncheck the box “Show search history” and be sure to click “Save”.

Interestingly, this is relevant both for cases when you are authorized in Yandex.Browser and are not authorized.