How to close tabs in Google Chrome browser on Android?

Google Chrome is the most popular mobile browser, which is not surprising when you consider that it is a standard application for smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system. You can open many tabs in Google Chrome, but not all users know how to close these tabs. In fact, this is done very simply, which we will prove to you now.

Open browser.

In the upper right part of the screen you can see a number – in our case it is number 2. It indicates the number of open tabs. In your case, there may be more, it does not play a role. Click on this number..

You will see a list of tabs. You can swipe them up and down..

To close a tab, either click on the cross, or swipe to the left or right side of the tab, as shown in the screenshot.

In this case, the desired tabs will be closed..

As you can see, everything is easy and simple.