How to connect a Honor phone to a computer via USB?

Some users often do not know how, for example, to transfer photos from a smartphone to a computer. This is not difficult, but the first thing to do is connect the smartphone to a computer or laptop via a USB cable (the same one that is used for charging). But that is not all – now we will show.

So here is the smartphone:

And here is the USB cable:

We connect the smartphone to a PC or laptop, after which we see a pop-up message on the screen with the choice of connection. It appears when the smartphone screen is unlocked. You need to select “Photo Transfer” or “File Transfer” as necessary. We recommend the second option as universal.

If nothing appears, but the smartphone is charging, call the shutter (swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom), and then see the “USB Charging” button – click on it.

Now select the connection option you need.

We did all this so that the PC or laptop gets access to the file system of the smartphone, otherwise the latter will only be charged (with the exception of outdated versions of Android).

Open “My Computer” and you will see your smartphone. Open it.

Select a memory type. It can be internal (required) and external in the form of a memory card (optional). In our case, there is only one type of memory; you do not have to choose.

See the file system of your smartphone. If you want to transfer, for example, photos taken to the smartphone’s camera, select the DCIM (Digital Camera Images) folder.

In a new window – Camera folder.

And here is a list of photos. Just select them and copy or cut.

Transfer to the desired folder on your PC or laptop.

Transfer time depends on the amount of data selected.

The example uses the Windows 7 operating system, but the instruction is fully suitable for Windows 10 – there is a slight difference except in the interface design of these systems.