How to connect a Huawei phone to a computer via USB?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to connect your smartphone to a computer via a USB cable, for example, to transfer some specific information. How does the smartphone connect to a computer or laptop? Let’s show an example based on a smartphone Huawei.

We take a smartphone.

A USB cable that connects to the phone on one side and the PC or laptop on the other.

What’s next? It would seem that you can open the My Computer application on a computer, only access to the file system will be closed. Why? Because it is protection for all latest versions of Android. Unlock the screen, after which you will see something like the following:

If you need to transfer only images, select “Photo Transfer”, if other files – “File Transfer”. We will choose the second option.

If you don’t see such a window, it doesn’t matter: open the quick access menu and see the “USB Charging” window.

Click on it and a choice of connection methods will appear. Choose the item you need.

And now you can open “My Computer” and see the connected device.

We see the main memory (there may also be a flash drive memory) and open.

File system – in front of you, you can transfer images, music, videos and other files. Hint – images are saved in the DCIM (Digital Camera Images) folder.

Next is the Camera folder.

And you will see a list of photos taken on the smartphone camera.

They are transferred or copied like any other file in the Windows operating system.