How to connect a USB flash drive to an Android phone?

If you have a USB flash drive and you need, say, to transfer files from it to your smartphone or tablet, it is not necessary to transfer them to a computer first, and then to a smartphone: you can immediately transfer all the data to the touch device. Of course, there are nuances – you must have an OTG cable. Moreover, your smartphone must also support OTG technology (On-The-Go – a feature that allows you to connect devices to each other via USB without using a computer). Fortunately, now such smartphones are at a minimum, and these are, as a rule, long-obsolete models, so the likelihood that your device does not support the OTG function is minimal.

OTG cable is sold separately, it costs quite a lot and you can find it even in many supermarkets. It looks something like this:

In the photo above – with microUSB support, there are also USB Type-C options on sale. In short, for every taste.

And in our case, we use an adapter – a complete analogue of the cable, only smaller, although it is not convenient in all cases.

On the other hand, the USB port.

We connect it to the smartphone on one side, insert the USB flash drive into the port, we get such a “pie”:

What’s next? Next, your smartphone or tablet should see a flash drive, you can check it, for example, in the curtain – we call up the quick access menu:

USB drive found. You can click on the line “USB-drive”, in our case, the file manager immediately opens.

But you can open your favorite file manager manually, for example:

Here – “Phone memory” and “USB-drive”.

Files from flash drive are visible.

What to do with them is up to you. You can watch photos and videos from a flash drive (the video may not load), or you can transfer files to the smartphone’s memory by selecting them and clicking “Copy” or “Move”.

Find the folder in the device’s memory and click “Paste”.

Files have been copied..

Of course, the transfer speed directly depends on the size of the files, so the transfer can take a very long time – take this into account.