How to connect a wireless speaker to an Android phone via Bluetooth?

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are now very popular – connect it to your smartphone and listen to music on health. And on sale there are both miniature options, and rather large ones, which the language does not turn out to be marching. However, connecting to a smartphone does not depend on the size of the column – the algorithm will be the same. We show what needs to be done.

In our example, we use this type of column (if anyone is interested – Selecline):

The power button is located on its lower part – we translate the button from the Off position to On:

After that, the column, as a rule, either emits a sound signal, or turns on the LED, or all together – this signals that the column is on. Immediately after switching on, the column is in search mode to connect to another device, in our case this device is a smartphone. We take it in hand and go into the settings.

By the way, our example uses a Huawei smartphone, but the manual is universal and suitable for any other Android smartphone, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, etc..

We open the section “Device Connections”.

Next tap on the Bluetooth line.

Turn on Bluetooth using the switch.

Next, we find devices that are ready to connect. In this case, 887248 is the name of the column (usually it is indicated in the instructions, so we recommend that you read it). Click on the column name.

Pairing started.

Video instruction

Devices are paired. In this case, the column may signal this with a sound or indicator light. Click on the settings icon (in this example, it’s a gear).

We turn on the A2DP profile (on other devices this item may have a different name, for example, “Multimedia device”), it is necessary for playing music. When this item is disabled, data will not be transferred to the column. If there is no sound even when you turn on the A2DP profile, turn on all the items here.

Now open the player on the smartphone. In our example, this is an AIMP player.

Click on the song launch button and hear how it plays from the column.

If in the future you turn off the Bluetooth and turn off the column, there is no need to do everything that is mentioned above: just turn on the column, and then Bluetooth – you can through the quick access menu:

Pairing devices should happen automatically.

You just have to turn on the music in the player.