How to connect Wi-Fi on Android?

The process of enabling and connecting Wi-Fi on Android devices is extremely simple, which we will tell you about today. We hope this guide will be useful to users, especially those who have just joined the Android club..

Immediately pay attention to the fact that you can join almost any network that is available to you. This can be either a home router or a public access point in a park or cafe. The main thing is that you have a password from the access point, if one is required. However, first things first.

How to connect to Wi-Fi on the phone?

First of all, we need the device itself. In our case, an example will be shown on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

On the desktop we find the item “Settings” and click on it.

In the settings we find the Wi-Fi section, tap on it.

Move the switch at the top of the screen and turn on Wi-Fi. Right after that, you will see a list of available networks in front of you – those that your device sees.

To connect to a network, click on it. You will see a window for entering a password. As you remember, you must have a password to connect to the network, and you must enter it.

After the password is entered, click on the “Connect” button. If the password is entered correctly, a connection will occur and in the bar at the top of the screen you will see a connection icon.

When you click on the connection, you will see the parameters of the connected network.

If the password is entered incorrectly, then the connection will not occur.

If the network is open and no password is required, you do not need to enter anything, just click on the network name.

In the additional parameters, you can specify the ip-address, proxy, etc. But in most cases the user does not need to do this.

If you continue to plan to connect to the specified network, for example, if you are at home, then the next time you can do much easier. Swipe from top to bottom on the screen so that the curtain appears, and click on the Wi-Fi icon. In this case, the network connection will occur automatically.

If when you connect to the network you see problems or malfunctions, you can read about their solution in the next topic.