How to connect wireless bluetooth headphones to an Android phone?

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, we can connect various devices to the smartphone, including even wireless headphones. And not just connect, but also transmit sound! In order to enjoy your favorite music, you need to configure the connection between headphones and smartphones – we will show how to do it. The connection is extremely simple, as you can see from this manual..

The first is the headphones themselves. What model is not so important – they work on the same principle. Where it is more important to find the power button. Here it is in our picture:

If that, in an example – Honor earphones. Pressed the button and hold for a few seconds until the device turns on. In our example, when the headphones are searchable, two LEDs blink – blue and red. If only blue, the device is not searchable, but automatically connects to the device to which it was previously connected.

So, the headphones are in search mode. What’s next? Open “Settings”.

Next you need to find the subsection with Bluetooth. With us it is located in the “Connecting a device” section..

Click on the Bluetooth line.

Turn on Bluetooth using the switch.

Please note that device searches begin immediately..

Our headphones have been found. Tap on the line with their name.

Pairing started right away.


In our example, a blue LED flashes periodically, which indicates the pairing of the headphones with the device.

Now you can use the headphones. Let’s run, for example, a player application for listening to music.

Insert the headphones into the ears and press the Play button.

Works! And this suggests that we did everything right.

Video instruction

Also, the headphone icon in the status bar indicates the connection, or the connected device is indicated.

When you turn off the headphones again, just turn them on and turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone – pairing should happen automatically.

To turn off pairing, you can simply turn off Bluetooth. If you do not want the headphones to pair automatically with your smartphone, click on the line with the name of the headphones.

Confirm disconnection by clicking OK.

Headphones are in the list of visible devices, but not connected.

Connect in the same way as described above.