How to connect wireless headphones to a Samsung phone?

Actually, the site already has an article on how to connect wireless bluetooth headphones to an Android smartphone. However, in that article, a Huawei smartphone was used as the device. Samsung and One UI firmware have a slightly different interface, so we will devote a separate article to it..

What do you need? Headphones themselves, yes a Samsung smartphone. At first it will be more convenient to turn on the headphones, for which find the power button on them. In our case, Honor headphones are used, the power button on which is as follows:

Pressed and hold. For our example, the following is relevant: when you press and hold the button for several seconds, the red and blue LEDs blink alternately – the headphones are available for searching.

Now go to “Settings”.

Here is the Connections section..

Click on the Bluetooth line.

Turn on Bluetooth and see the available devices for pairing. Headphones are called AM61. Tap on their name.

Connection in progress.


It is time to check the performance of the headphones. To do this, open the application for playing music. We use an AIMP player.

Just click play.

Music played in the headphones. Great, everything works.

Video instruction

What to do when you need to reconnect your headphones – can you really do the same thing again? But no. To get started, turn on Bluetooth (you can through the quick access panel).

Then turn on the wireless headphones.

Devices will be automatically paired, the headphones are ready to use. The quick access panel displays a message about the connected device:

In general, connection problems should not arise.