How to copy contacts from an Android phone to a computer?

All the contacts we write in the phone book. Sometimes we may need them, for example, for viewing on a computer. This is where the question arises – how to copy contacts from an Android phone to a computer? To do this is actually very simple and now you will see it. An example will be shown on the Samsung Galaxy.

Copy from smartphone

Open the “Contacts” application on your smartphone, here you will see a list of subscribers.

Press the “Menu” button (in our case, it is under the screen) so that a menu appears in which you need to select “Import / Export”.

A small window called “Import / Export Contacts” will appear. You need to select “Export to internal memory” or “Export to SD memory card”. The only difference is that in the first case, the contact file is saved in the phone’s memory, and in the second case, on the memory card.

Next, confirm the export of contacts – we will save it in the internal memory.

Now we connect the device to the computer using the USB cable, open the smartphone storage and see the file we are interested in.

Transfer it to your computer and open it using Windows Contacts or Outlook.

Copy using Google Contacts

There is such a service called It can be used if your contacts are synchronized with Google services (you need to use the same Google account that is used on the smartphone).

Go to the service, if necessary, go through authorization. In the menu, click “Export”.

A sign will appear saying that export is not supported in the preliminary version of the service, so go to the previous version of Google Contacts.

On the new page, click “More”, and then – “Export”.

Select the group “My contacts” or “All contacts” if necessary and the format convenient for you (CSV for Google, CSV for Outlook or vCard), and then click “Export”.

The contact file will be downloaded to the computer.