How to create a folder on the desktop Honor or Huawei?

If someone does not know, the Honor brand belongs to Huawei, although the smartphones themselves are different, which can not be said about the firmware, so the folder is created according to the same scenario. However, this also applies to most other Android smartphones..

Especially for you, we have prepared a couple of application icons – now you will understand why they are needed.

Click on any of the indicated icons and hold your finger. As you can see, this icon has slightly increased in size and can even be moved to another desktop.

Transfer this icon to the second icon, so that a halo of the folder appears, as in the screenshot below.

Now release your finger and see that the folder has been created.

In principle, that’s all, but let’s rename the folder, otherwise it turns out ugly. We click on the folder and when it opens, tap on its name.

Specify the name of the folder and press “Enter”.

This is what the folder is called:

Video instruction

By the way, applications in the folder can be added using this button:

Very interesting idea.