How to create a folder on the desktop of an Android device?

Not everyone knows that the Android operating system allows you to create folders on your desktop. Why do you need this, you ask? Just an example: you have downloaded and installed 20 games, the icons of which are located on several desktops at once. Isn’t it easier to put them in one folder for easy access? Another thing is that the process of creating folders may differ from the launcher installed on your smartphone or tablet. Let’s consider several options.

First, let’s talk about the standard and painfully familiar Android shell. Here, the creation of the folder is very thought out. See, in the screenshot you see several applications.

In order for the folder to be created, drag one application icon to another, as a result of which the folder will be created automatically.

Now you can add other icons to it.

But why a folder without a name, you ask? Because you have to come up with a name. To do this, open the folder (tap on it once) and click on the words “Folder without a name.” A keyboard will appear and you can name your folder.

For example, give the folder the name “Applications”.

As you can see, everything is easy and simple when it comes to the standard Android shell. But there are others. For example, take TouchWiz, a shell from Samsung based on Android (in a specific example, version 4.4.2). Here, a different process is used to create the folder..

We see the desktop.

To create a folder, click on an empty space on the desktop until an additional menu appears (about a second), consisting of several items.

Here, you guessed it, we should click on the word “Folder”, after which we will need to give the name of this very folder. After writing the name, click “Yes”.

The folder appeared on the desktop, you can fill it with application icons.

Video instruction

How to remove a folder from the Android desktop?

There is nothing easier. If you want to delete the entire folder with icons, just tap on it and holding it, drag it to the trash that appeared at the top of the screen.

Or just transfer the icons from the folder to the desktop and it will disappear (this method does not work on all shells, so you have to use the method described above).