How to create a shortcut on an Android phone?

Some firmware on Android smartphones by default add shortcuts to all applications when they are installed on the desktop. Others do not add – they are in the “Applications” section, and to add a shortcut to the desktop of your device, you need to do several actions.

Add the application shortcut to the desktop

Consider an example based on a Samsung smartphone and One UI firmware.

To see a list of all applications, swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top.

Here is a list of applications and their shortcuts.

To transfer a shortcut to the desktop, press and hold on it, for example:

Select the desktop and release the shortcut. It has been added to the desktop..

If you have another smartphone and the swipe on the screen does not work, look for the “Menu” or “Applications” button. Here it is on Samsung smartphones based on TouchWiz firmware:

And these are the applications:

Add a link to the phone desktop

Not everyone knows that it’s easy to add a link to a site or page on your Android smartphone’s desktop to get instant access to it. Let’s show an example based on the Google Chrome browser.

We launch the specified browser.

Open the desired page and click on three points.

In the menu, select “Add to Home Screen”.

We can indicate the name of the link, if the current one is not satisfied, or leave it as is and click “Add”.

Confirm the action by clicking “Add”.

Link icon added to desktop.

When you click on it, the link of your choice will open in the browser.