How to delete a message from WhatsApp from the interlocutor?

WhatsApp supports deleting messages not only from the user who sent it, but also from its interlocutor. The function is very useful – it’s not so rare to confuse chats or send a message that the interlocutor should not receive. In this article, we show how to delete a message from an interlocutor in WhatsApp.

We open a chat with the user and see the message that needs to be deleted.

Click on it and hold your finger for about a second until a menu appears and a message is highlighted. Next, click on the trash can icon.

By the way, you can select several messages at once.

After clicking on the basket, a window with a choice will appear. To delete the message only at home, select “Delete from me”, and so that it will be deleted from the interlocutor, “Delete at all” (in this case, the message will be deleted both from you and the interlocutor).

Please message has been deleted..

And what will the interlocutor see? About the same:

And it doesn’t matter if he managed to read the message or not..

It is also worth remembering the so-called rule of 68 minutes – within 68 minutes the message from the interlocutor can be deleted, and then it can be deleted only in his chat. The confirmation:

Video instruction

The network writes about the life hack, which we could not reproduce (it may not work in the latest versions of WhatsApp) – this is the ability to delete any message from the interlocutor, for which you need to fix the time.

Turn on airplane mode.

Open the “Settings”.

In the menu search, specify the key “time” (without quotes) and go to the section of the same name.

Turn off the time synchronization with the network and set the date and time approximately for the period when the message was sent (for example, you sent a message at 17:00, try to set 17:05).

Open WhatsApp and delete the message you want. After that, you can turn off the flight mode, turn on the Internet if it was turned off, and set the time synchronization.