How to disable 3G on Android?

3G is the third generation mobile communication technology that combines both high-speed Internet access and communication technology. 3G provides stable Internet access at high speed. However, this type of connection has one minus, albeit a small one – this is a slightly higher energy consumption, and in some cases – very noticeable.

In order to save battery power, the user can turn off 3G on his phone or smartphone. How to do it?

Disable 3G on Android

We draw your attention to the fact that depending on the device and its firmware, disabling 3G may be slightly different. The first example we will show on a device from Xiaomi.

Go to the settings. The first item is called “Mobile Network”. We need him – tap on him.

On the next page, select “Network Type”.

Now we can choose the preferred type of network: only 2G (for energy saving), only 3G or preferably 3G.

The next example is based on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a proprietary TouchWiz shell.

Go to settings. Here is the menu. In the “Connections” tab, select “Other networks”.

In the next window – “Mobile Networks”.

Then – “Network Mode”.

In the window that opens, select “GSM only”.

3G mode is disabled. As you can see, absolutely nothing complicated.