How to disable screen lock on a Samsung smartphone?

If you have a screen lock on your Samsung smartphone, you can always turn it off. What does it mean? If you need the desktop to appear immediately after pressing the power key, this issue is solved through the system settings.

If a PIN or password is set on the device, enter it when unlocking the smartphone.

Go to Settings.

Select “Lock Screen”.

Here is the “Screen Lock Type”.

Enter the current pin code, password or other option to unlock the device.

If the data is entered correctly, then it will remain to tap on the line “No”.


In this case, when you press the power key or “Home”, the desktop will immediately open. But this method of unlocking is not safe, since anyone who gets a smartphone will get access to the information on it. We do not recommend using it..

If you just want the screen to not turn off for longer than 30 or 60 seconds, open the Display section.

Next, click on the line “Screen timeout”.

Specify the desired time period.

The specified time the screen will not turn off.