How to disable synchronization on an Android smartphone or tablet?

Android devices use sync with a Google account. This is a very correct decision, which also allows you to avoid the loss of important information. However, synchronization in some cases may not be needed. How to disable it?

We go into the settings of a smartphone or tablet, we find the section “Accounts”.

Next, select the current Google account you are working with (there may be several such accounts on the device).

In the synchronization section, you need to uncheck the boxes next to those sections that should not be synchronized. If you want to completely disable synchronization, then there should not be a single tick.

Now we go to another section – “Recovery and reset”.

Here we uncheck the boxes “Data backup” and “Auto recovery”.

Well, if you do not want to use your Google account at all, it will be easier to delete it from the device. To do this, in the accounts section, select the account you need, click on the “Menu” button, then – “Delete Account”. Read more about it here..